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Download E-books Between Phonology and Phonetics: Polish Voicing PDF

By Eugeniusz Cyran

For many years, the voicing procedure of Polish has been on the middle of a heated theoretical debate relating laryngeal phonology because it encompasses a variety of phenomena that represent the center of this debate, similar to ultimate Obstruent Devoicing, Regressive Voice Assimilation, and revolutionary Voice Assimilation. As learn into laryngeal phonology progresses on numerous fronts, it turns into extra noticeable that an enormous element of the phenomena in query have phonetic or implementational conditioning, hence proscribing the function of phonology even additional. The version awarded this is one within which phonology, phonetic interpretation, and phonetics locate their respective houses. mockingly, through setting apart those 3 degrees of description, we want to combine the disparate threads of recent examine of sound styles into one sound procedure.

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Sixty six therefore, the [v] isn't devoiced, and doesn't voice the previous obstruent since it ‘behaves like a sonorant’, no matter what that implies. curiously, a similar fricative indicates normal obstruent-like behaviour word-finally, the place it's devoiced (marchew [marx(f] ‘carrot, nom. ’) and earlier than affixes starting with a unvoiced obstruent (marchewka [marx(fka] ‘carrot, dim. nom. sg. ’). during this gentle, the [v] in marchewek || sixty five Bethin (1992: 176), following Mascaró (1987), assumes spreading which occurs sooner than obstruentization (cf. , laryngeal regulate in Gussmann 2007). sixty six then again, one may still might be think again the lifestyles of lively voice assimilation in obstruent clusters within roots in Polish. ninety two | innovative voice assimilation in Polish [marx(v(k] ‘carrot, gen. pl. ’ is ambiguous. Is it nonetheless a sonorant or is it already an obstruent, simply no longer devoiced by way of context? Its voiced nature is in step with either assumptions. It transpires transparent theoretical view is needed about the suggestion of obstruency in phonological thought and the character of obstruentization with relation to the voicing phenomena. The correct questions are indexed lower than: (11) Obstruents and obstruentization a. does a non-obstruent (sonorant) turn into an obstruent with recognize to the voicing phenomena handy, and if this is the case, at what level? b. how is the swap effected within the illustration? c. is there a phonological type, say, [±obstruent], or does anything else make a decision the prestige of = and v? d. is ‘obstruent’ a phonological or even a phonetic property/category? hooked up with the prestige of an obstruent and its laryngeal specification is the common realizing of the innovative Voice Assimilation as basically the lack of laryngeal specification at the fricatives /v/ and /=/ in post-obstruent context. sixty seven apparently, this research doesn't fairly require a connection with a sonorant-like behaviour of the fricatives. a few info of the correct proposals are given under. ultimately, greatly like Benni (1932), who claimed that PVA is a lifeless phenomenon, a couple of generative analysts, a method or one other, exhibit the instinct that revolutionary voice assimilation isn't an energetic technique. within the assessment of crucial contributions we'll be aware of the 4 assumptions mentioned above, that's, i) sonorant-like behaviour of the fricatives, ii) the formula of the method as delaryngealization of the fricative, iii) the prestige of PVA as a stay phonological approach, and iv) the variation among PVA in television contexts and RVA (Regressive Voice Assimilation) throughout observe limitations (... T#v... ). As in our previous dialogue of the illustration of voicing and assimilation techniques in Polish, we are going to concentrate on such theoretical issues as privative as opposed to binary illustration of voice, the formula of the techniques and the phonetics – phonology relation. || sixty seven This research can also be utilized in, for instance, Iverson and Salmons (2003b) who suggest a rule of ‘post-obstruent fricative neutralization’ to accommodate a truly comparable phenomenon in Dutch.

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