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By Gregory L. Blackstock

Glossy lifestyles is an ever-accelerating barrage of individuals, constructions, automobiles, creatures, and issues. How a lot can a curious brain absorb? And what can it do with all of the information? Gregory L. Blackstock, a retired Seattle pot washing machine, attracts order out of the entire chaos with a pencil, a black marker, and a few crayons.

Blackstock is autistic and an inventive savant. He creates visible lists of every little thing from wasps to hats to emergency autos to noisemakers. within the spirit of the Outsider paintings of Henry Darger and Howard Finster, Blackstock makes artwork that's stirring in its great quantity and aspect and encouraging in its easy good looks. He hasn't ever bought formal creative education, but his renderings basically and beguilingly convey sophisticated ameliorations and similaritiesenabling the viewer to determine, for instance, the designated beneficial properties of a dolly varden, a Pacific Coast steelhead cutthroat, and fourteen different kinds of trout.

Each assortment is lovingly captioned in Blackstock's exact hand with texts that replicate proof from his study in addition to his passions and personal tastes. Blackstock's Collections includes over a hundred impressive examples of his wonderfully unique taxonomy, providing a special glance contained in the brain of a guy making experience of lifestyles via art.

Monsters of the Deep
significant Forestry Pests
the good Cabbage Family
The Spatulas
the realm struggle II U.S. Bombers
The Buoys
King Sized Jails
Monsters of the Past
Classical Clowns
nice Italian Roosters
Our country Lighthouses
The Irish Joys

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