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By Robert B. Parker

As soon as, Appaloosa legislation was once Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch. Now it really is Amos Callico, a vindictive, power-hungry tin famous person with higher aims-and he may perhaps use Cole and Hitch on his part. This time the paid weapons should not for lease, which makes Callico a really vengeful guy. yet threatening Cole and Hitch ignites anything simply as harmful.

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For real Chiricahua, Blue-Eyed satan no longer exist,” Pony stated. “What Kha-to-nay think. ” “You’re a part Mex,” Virgil acknowledged. “Ain’t he? ” “All Chiricahua,” Pony stated. “Same mom. various father. ” “He hate us all? ” I stated. “Like in simple terms Chiricahua,” Pony stated. “We remove his land? ” I acknowledged. “Take away everything,” Pony stated. “How you are feeling approximately that? ” “You come, remove what Chiricahua have,” Pony acknowledged. “While in the past Chiricahua come and remove from people. other folks come very long time in the past, remove. ” Pony shrugged. “Somebody most likely come sooner or later, remove from Blue-Eyed Devil,” Pony acknowledged. “Happen constantly. ” “S’pose it does,” I stated. “Kha-to-nay comprehend you are feeling like that? ” “Sí,” Pony acknowledged. “You speak about it? ” I acknowledged. “Sí,” Pony acknowledged. “I imagine guy dwell now, do what have to be performed, continue be aware, don’t imagine how issues be ahead of. ” “And Kha-to-nay? ” I acknowledged. Pony smiled. “Say i'm simply part Chiricahua. ” I nodded. Kha-to-nay stared into the center distance. Pony took a pull at the whiskey jug. “What kinda assist you want? ” Virgil acknowledged. “I be aware of you come to Appaloosa. i feel you be the lawman here,” Pony acknowledged. Virgil nodded. “Kha-to-nay kill an Indian agent and rob train,” Pony acknowledged. with no taking a look at us, Kha-to-nay acknowledged whatever in Apache. Pony spoke back. Kha-to-nay stated whatever else. Pony nodded. “Kha-to-nay say he now not rob teach. He spoil teach. He say Chiricahua humans at conflict with white-eyes. Say wreck teach is act of conflict. ” “How ’bout the Indian agent? ” Virgil stated. “Kill white-eye . . . tirano? ” Pony acknowledged, and checked out me. “Tyrant,” I acknowledged. “Kill white-eye tyrant,” Pony stated. “Free Chiricahua humans. ” “So, the govt is after him for the Indian agent,” Virgil acknowledged. “And the Pinkertons are after him for the railroad. ” “U. S. Marshals arrest Kha-to-nay,” Pony acknowledged. “Put him in detention center. i am getting him out. We come the following. ” “How’d you get him out of Yaqui? ” Virgil stated. Pony smiled and patted his Colt. Virgil nodded. “There a bounty on him? ” Virgil acknowledged. “Sí,” Pony stated. Virgil rocked again a bit in his chair and took the jug from me and took a pull. “Well,” Virgil acknowledged. “We can’t allow ’em take you. ” eleven you need to circulate in right here? ” Virgil stated. Pony shook his head. “Kha-to-nay now not stick with white devil,” Pony acknowledged. “Don’t blame him,” Virgil acknowledged. “Wasn’t one myself I wouldn’t stick with him, both. ” “Not understand,” Pony acknowledged. “Virgil’s creating a joke,” I stated. “Got any cash? ” Virgil stated. Pony smiled and nodded. “When Kha-to-nay wreck teach in warfare with white tyrant, he take cash, too. ” “Kha-to-nay’s now not so dumb,” I stated. From his position on the a long way finish of the porch Kha-to-nay stated not anything. “Anybody in your path? ” Virgil acknowledged. Pony shook his head. “Only guy can music Pony Flores,” he acknowledged, “is me. ” “Good,” Virgil stated. “Police ain’t on our part the following. ” “You on different facet of legislations now? ” Pony stated. “Neither side,” Virgil stated. “Just protecting order within the Boston apartment saloon. ” “You no longer the law,” Pony stated. “Maybe we deliver you difficulty. perhaps may still circulate on. ” “Where? ” Virgil stated. “Here, you were given buddies on the town.

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