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For these instances while “you blackguard!” simply won’t do, Sinister Wisdom provides an grand array of crude, vulgar, offensive, scurrilous, lewd, and in a different way unprintable denunciations. prepared thematically and translated into greater than sixty nine languages, it includes an alphabetical directory of each achievable (and unattainable) slur and insult, from reviews on moms' atypical anatomy and leisure pursuits, to feedback on the place to move and the way, to observations on how others spend their solitary moments. Appendices conceal blasphemies, physically capabilities, sexual deviations, and adaptations on “yo mama!”

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Thirteen 19 hugely, overly-fucked cunt; ICELANDIC skítug píka * ; 20 “You’ve an immense pungent cunt”; drulla kunta five ; 21 “yeast infection/discharge. ” lyktar af píku 12 ITALIAN fregna de vacca 14 eastern kitanai manko * ; manko-ppoi iki 12 MACEDONIAN пучина кана / pičina kanal 15 MALAYU pupek daki * MANDARIN 烂屄 làn bī sixteen NORWEGIAN muggfitte 17 PORTUGUESE buceta fedida ** ; respiração da buceta 12 A sua buceta cheira do peixe. 18 Curse + Berate in sixty nine+ languages | 50 69+Fin103107 50 11/25/07, 9:29 PM CUNT-BRAIN / ебальник / ebálńik 10 PUSSY-BRAIN, CUNT-FACE, SERBIAN пичкио мозак / pičkino mozak ** носа CUNT SLOVENIAN Pičkin dim! eleven HEAD путка SPANISH cabeza de coño * ; (& adaptations) cerebro de coño ** ; cara de coño 2 AFRIKAANS poes gessig 2 ; poesdom three TAGALOG utak kiki ** THAI na´hèe 2 BELARUSIAN Пiзда нам! / Pizda nam! four VIETNAMESE mac laón 2 BULGARIAN носа путка / nosa putka five WELSH cont hyll 12 CANTONESE hāi yéung 2 CATALAN caracony 2 * cunt-head; CROATIAN pičkin mozak ** ; ** cunt/pussy-brain; pička lice 2 2 pussy-gsvr/cunt-face; three DUTCH neuskut five dumb cunt; four FARSI kos-xumori 6 “We’re cunting performed for! ”; five FINNISH vittupaa * “pussy nose”; ; vittunaama 2 6 “pussy addict/pussy junkie”; ; 7 Vedä vittu päähän. thirteen “cunt/pussy-breath; eight “Yr cunt to the satan! ”; FRENCH cerveau de chat / cerveau de nine con “cunt blister”; ** ; 10 souffle de chat/con 7 “pussy/cunt-mouth”; eleven “Smokin’ pussy! ” GAELIC, IRISH Do bháltaí don diabhal. eight 12 “ugly cunt;” GERMAN Fotzengehirn, das ** ; thirteen “Draw a cunt on 12 months brow. ” Fotzen- мозак пичкио esicht, das 2 ; Fotzenatem, der 7 GREEK, MOD. μυνο μιαλο / muno mialo ** HINDI/URDU chut jaisi shakal 2 ; chutiya ** ICELANDIC lyktar af píku 7 INDONESIAN hidung memek five ITALIAN testa de fregna * eastern manko-ppoi 2 kao MACEDONIAN пичкина п уска /pičkina pluska nine MANDARIN 烂屄脸 làn bī liǎn 2 NORWEGIAN fittesnute five PORTUGUESE cérebro da buceta ** ; cara da buceta 2 RUSSIAN пиздогаловий / pizdógaloviy * ; Curse + Berate in sixty nine+ languages | fifty one 69+Fin103107 fifty one 11/25/07, 9:29 PM CUNT, TELEGU Путката Nē amma pāsu / parri. * YOUR VIETNAMESE Cai lon ma mày. * MOTHER’S майна. YORUBA Obo ìyá rè. * (& adaptations) * “Yr mother’s cunt/pussy! ” AFRIKAANS Jou moeder se poes! * ** “Go up your mother’s cunt/pussy! ” ARABIC Kūz umak! * 2 “Fuck your mother’s cunt! ” BOSNIAN Pižda ti materina! * three “Yr mother’s cock in year father’s cunt! / BULGARIAN Путката майна. / Putkata ti year mother’s dick in year father’s pussy! ” majna. * four “Go suck on 12 months mother’s cunt/pussy! ” five CROATIAN / SERB Odi u pičku materine! ; “Before you die, i would like you to understand that 12 months Оди у пичку материне! / Odi u pičku mom has a cock/dick! ” materine! ** 6 “Fuck 12 months mother’s pussy/cunt! ” 7 FARSI Kos naneh. * “Son of a cunt! ” ; eight Kos khār. “Yr sister’s cunt! ” eight nine “Up year mother’s cunt/pussy with zuchini/egg- GREEK, MOD. �ο μυνι τισ μανα� σου.

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