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First released in 1987. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa corporation.

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1 ‘Pissed’, ‘blotto’, under the influence of alcohol. 2 Qu’est-ce qu’il y a de cassé? What’s all of the kerfuffle approximately? —Why all this disturbance? casse-bonbons n. m. ‘Ear-basher’, chronic nagger. casse-bonbons adj. inv. Naggingly dull (also: casse-burnes). casse-cou n. m. 1 ‘Madcap’, dare-devil personality. 2 Stuntman (in films). casse-couilles n. m. ‘Ear-basher’, continual nagger. (Casse-bonbons and casseburnes are euphemistic equivalents. ) casse-cul n. m. 1 ‘Bum-shaker’, rattly previous vehicle. 2 ‘Pain within the arse’, dull individual. casse-dalle n. m. Snack meal (also: casse-graine). casse-gueule n. m. 1 harmful firm, perilous workout. Aller sur le toit avec un zef pareil, quel casse-gueule! You’re risking your neck at the roof with that sort of wind! 2 struggle. Aller au casse-gueule: to visit front (also: cassepipe). three ‘Rot-gut’, affordable alcohol (usually of the moonshine variety). cassement n. m. Break-in, housebreaking (also: casse). casse-noix n. m. Ticket-punch, ticket-clipper. casse-pattes n. m. 1 ‘Rot-gut’, reasonable alcohol (usually of the moonshine variety). 2 (Racing cyclists’ slang): tricky climb, awkwardly altering gradient which breaks the rider’s rhythm. three Lob (tennis shot that makes the opponent run for the ball therefore growing additional fatigue). casse-pieds n. m. ‘Pain within the neck’, dull individual. (The French actor Noël Noël starred in ‘Les casse-pieds’, a movie depicting all demeanour of bores. ) casse-pipe n. m. struggle. Aller au casse-pipe: to visit front. (Both casse-pipe and the expression casser sa pipe stem from using clay pipes as pursuits in shooting-galleries. ) casse-poitrine n. m. Home-made booze, moonshine alcohol. casser v. trans. 1 En casser pour deux ronds à quelqu’un: to inform a person a couple of domestic truths, to inform a few frank and unsightly proof. 2 Ne pas en casser une: to maintain one’s seize close, to assert not anything. three Ne rien casser: To be ‘not as much as much’, to be of little worth (also: ne pas casser quatre pattes à un canard). four A tout casser: a ‘Rip-roaring’, really good. On a fait une noce à tout casser: We had one hell of a binge. b ‘At the outside’, as a greatest. A tout casser, ça vous coûtera une brique: It shouldn’t set you again greater than a grand. casser v. intrans. to damage in, to burgle (also: faire un casse). casser v. trans. reflex. 1 To ‘toddle off’, to ‘run along’, to depart. Il est cinq heures, il faut que je me casse! It’s 5 o’clock, I’ll need to break up! 2 Ne pas se casser: To take lifestyles effortless, to fret little or no approximately daily concerns. casserole n. f. 1 Honky-tonk piano, tinny software singularly short of awareness. 2 ‘Jalopy’, ‘banger’, ramshackle motor motor vehicle. three Trollop, low-class prostitute. four (of person): ‘Wash-out’, failure. five ‘Snout’, ‘grass’, police mformer. 6 Passer à los angeles casserole (fig. ): a To ‘get the chop’, to be allotted with as soon as and for all. b To be ‘screwed’, to be fucked, to have sex. (The implication DICTIONARY ninety seven inside of this which means is of coerced intercourse which leaves the companion feeling that she has been ‘used’. ) casse-tête n. m. ‘Puzzler’, difficult challenge (also: casse-tête chinois). casseur n. m. 1 ‘Break-in artist’, burglar.

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