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Download E-books Dirty Russian: Everyday Slang from "What's Up?" to "F*%# Off!" (Dirty Everyday Slang) PDF

By Erin Coyne


Next time you’re touring or simply chattin’ in Russia along with your pals, drop the textbook formality and bust out with expressions they by no means educate you at school, including:

• Cool slang
• humorous insults
• specific intercourse terms
• uncooked swear phrases

Dirty Russian teaches the informal expressions heard each day at the streets of Russia:

What's up?
kak de-LA?

I rather gotta piss.
mnye O-chen NA-do pos-SAT.

rattling, you fine!
blin, nu ti i shi-KAR-nii!

Let's have an orgy.
da-VAI u-STRO-im OR-gi-yu.

this is often crappy vodka.
d-ta VOD-ka khre-NO-va-ya.

Let's move get hammered.
poi-DYOM bukh-NYOM.

i am gonna personal you, bitch!
ya te-BYA VI-ye-blyu!

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Read or Download Dirty Russian: Everyday Slang from "What's Up?" to "F*%# Off!" (Dirty Everyday Slang) PDF

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Nye-smo-TRYA na TO, chto zhe-NAT, on BAB-nik nye-izle-CHI-mii. That outdated maid nonetheless lives together with her mom. E-ta STAR-a-ya DYE-va do sikh POR zhi-VYOT so svo-YEI MA-ter-yu. In Russia, an outdated maid is essentially any girl who’s over 25 and nonetheless unmarried. Thirtysomething lady ZHEN-schi-na bal-ZA-kov-sko-vo VO-zrast-a as a way to understand extra approximately what this can be, there’s really a well-liked Russian television express of an analogous identify. It’s primarily a takeoff of “Sex and the City,” basically Muscofied. i might by no means marry a mama’s boy. ya bi ni-kog-DA nye VI-shla ZA-muzh za MA-min-kin-a si-NOCH-ka. . That daddy’s woman regularly wears Gucci. E-ta PA-pin-kin-a DOCH-ka vseg-DA NO-sit GU-chi. My little brother is this type of snotty child. moi MLAD-shii brat— MA-lyen-kii chpok. I nearly shat myself whilst i discovered out that she’s jailbait. ya chut ne ob-o-SRAL-sya kog-DA uz-NAL, chto on-A ma-lo-LYET-ka. . My teenage associates are constantly slacking off after tuition. mo-I dru-ZYA- ti-NEi-je-ri vseg-DA byez-DYEL-ni-cha-yut PO-sle SHKOL-i. This energizer bunny is going strolling each morning. E-tot e-ner-JAi-zer KAZH-do-ye U-tro na pro-BYEZHKYE. That laptop geek is usually wrapped up in his courses. tot kom-PYU-ter-schik po-sto-YA-nno za-vi-SA-yet za pro-GRA-mma-mi. That gamer by no means leaves his comp. E-tot GEI-mer ot komp-A nye ot-KHO-dit. there have been a number of inebriated rockers on the live performance final evening. BI-lo SBOR-i-sche PYAN-ikh RO-ker-ov vche-RA na kon-TSER-tye. are you aware the place i will meet a few neighborhood punks? ti nye ZNA-yesh, gdye MO-zhno po-zna-KOM-it-sya s MYEST-ni-mi PANK-a-mi? That hippie walks round barefoot all day. E-tot KHI-ppi KHO-dit TSE-lii dyen bo-si-KOM. i believe that dermis is a follower of Barkashov. po-MO-ye-mu E-tot epidermis DRU-zhit s bar-ka-SHOV-im. Alexander Barkashov is the previous chief of the unconventional nationalist political workforce RNE (Russian nationwide Unity), which attracted loads of skinhead fans in response to its time table of ridding Russia of “foreigners and Jews. ” these damned bikers are inflicting difficulties back. E-ti pro-KLYA-ti-ye BAI-ke-ri o-PYAT pro-BLYE-mi sozda-YUT. That hick hasn't ever obvious nothin’ yet dung. E-tot kol-KHOZ-nik KRO-mye na-VO-za ni-che-VO v ZHIZ-ni nye VI-dyel. actually, this suggests “collective farmer” yet can describe any country-bumpkin kind. Posers fairly annoy me. PO-ze-ri me-NYA O-chen raz-dra-ZHA-yut. one other variation of this observe is (po-ZYOR). That slacker simply goofs off all day. E-tot byez-DYEL-nik TSE-lii dyen za-ni-MA-ye-tsya ye-run-DOI. I can’t think what number bums there are in Moscow! nye mo-GU VYER-it, STOL-ko yest bom-ZHEI v mosk-VYE! Не могу He’s a three-time loser. on TRIZH-di nye-u-DACH-nik. OH even supposing the English observe “loser” has additionally arisen in recent times. That hooligan jacked my pockets! E-tot khu-li-GAN SPIZ-dil moi ko-shel-OK! this is often the overall Russian time period describing somebody from a loudmouthed inebriated to a gangbanger. nobody respects the law enforcement officials in Russia. ni-KTO nye u-va-ZHA-yet myent-OV v ro-SSII. purely in Russia TOL-ko v ro-SSII New Russian NO-vii RU-sskii those are the fellows who made an entire lotta dough on doubtful company ventures and now force round in pricey inomarki, personal candy dachas in podmoskovie, holiday in Ibiza, and but nonetheless speak just like the Russian model of Rocky Balboa.

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