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By Neil Schlager, David E. Newton, Jayne Weisblatt

Encyclopedia of Chemical Compounds
Neil Schlager, Jayne Weisblatt, and David E. Newton, Editors
2006 Thomson Gale, part of the
Thomson company.

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The isomers have somewhat diverse improved chemical formulation: n-butyl mercaptan, CH3CH2CH2CH2SH; sec-butyl mercaptan, CH3CH2CH(SH)CH3; and tert-butyl mercaptan, CH3C(CH3)(SH)CH3. The isomers have tremendously differing melting issues: n-butyl mercaptan, À115. sixty seven C (À176. 21 F); sec-butyl mercaptan, À165 C (À265 F); and tert-butyl mercaptan, À0. five C (31 F). Boiling issues fluctuate, yet no longer as significantly: n-butyl mercaptan, ninety eight. forty six C (209. 2 F); sec-butyl mercaptan, eighty five C (180 F); and tertbutyl mercaptan, sixty four C (150 F). chemicals 129 BUTYL MERCAPTAN Butyl mercaptan. White atoms are hydrogen; black atoms are carbon; and the turquoise atom is selenium. P U B L I S H E R S source staff All 3 isomers of butyl mercaptan are cellular beverages (liquids that circulation simply) with very robust skunk-like odors. At one time, chemists suggestion that the butyl mercaptans have been chargeable for the targeted smell of skunk spray. learn has now proven that a few mercaptans are present in skunk spray, however the butyl mercaptans will not be between them. the way it IS MADE a few equipment can be found for the construction of the butyl mercaptans. the most typical process includes the response among an iodobutane (a butane molecule with one iodine atom, similar to CH3CH2CH2CH2I) and a sulfhydryl compound, akin to KSH. during this response, a hundred thirty chemical substances BUTYL MERCAPTAN attention-grabbing evidence • The Israeli military reportedly constructed a ‘‘skunk bomb’’ containing mercaptans to take advantage of as a crowd-control machine opposed to Palestinians. • The Guinness global documents ebook classifies the butyl mercaptans as being one of the smelliest compounds on this planet. the opposite chemical is ethyl mercaptan. • The scent of the butyl mercaptans is expounded to be detectable at a distance of approximately a kilometer (about a part mile) from its resource. the sulfhydryl crew (-SH) replaces the iodine to shape the butyl mercaptan. universal makes use of AND strength dangers greater than 500,000 kilograms (1 million kilos) of the butyl mercaptans are produced every year within the usa. Their fundamental makes use of are as solvents and within the coaching of alternative natural compounds, specially pesticides and herbicides. between their different makes use of are: • ingredients for usual fuel, which usually has no smell, in order that leaks might be simply detected; • As an additive to augment the flavour and aroma of definite meals; • Nutrient within the upkeep of bacterial cultures. All 3 isomers of butyl mercaptan are hugely poisonous. someone uncovered to their vapors should still search scientific realization instantly. The compounds also are very flammable and has to be dealt with with care to avoid their catching fireplace. because most people by no means come into touch with the butyl mercaptans, their well-being and security hazards are of shock basically to employees who deal with them of their responsibilities. chemical substances 131 BUTYL MERCAPTAN phrases to grasp ISOMER one in every of or extra varieties of a chemical compound with a similar molecular formulation, yet assorted structural formulation and diverse chemical and actual houses.

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