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Attending to grips with a overseas language isn't effortless, and such a lot word books are too convoluted that can assist you in case you really want it. French to head is the following to aid. utilizing daily French for daily eventualities, this publication is your passport to survival on the airport, in bars and eating places, lodges or at any place you find yourself. giving you crucial phrases and words for the main sensible of occasions, all with phonetic pronunciations to make tackling French that little bit more straightforward, French to head has you coated.

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Tricky try out Questions? ignored Lectures? no longer adequate Time? thankfully, there is Schaum's. This all-in-one-package comprises greater than 320 workouts with solutions to sharpen your French vocabulary abilities. Plus, you have entry to 70 mins of downloadable audio records for extra practice--it's similar to having your individual digital coach!

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Prenez los angeles première / deuxième / troisième rue à gauche / droite. pruh’nay los angeles pruhm’yair / duhz’yem / trwaz’yem roo a gohsh / drwat cross instantly on. Allez tout droit. a’lay too drwa round the nook. C’est au coin de los angeles rue. say toh kwañ duh l. a. roo alongside the road / street / street. Le lengthy de cette rue / path / road. luh loñ duh set roo / root / av’noo Over the bridge. Traversez le pont. tra’vair’say luh poñ It’s a ten-minute stroll down that highway. C’est à dix mins de marche par cette course. say ta dee mee’noot duh marsh par set root procuring Open Ouvert oo’vair Closed Fermé fair’may front Entrée añ’tray go out Sortie sor’tee Where’s the most procuring centre? Où est le valuable centre advertisement? oo ay luh prañ’see’pal soñtr ko’mairs’yal the place am i able to discover a … ? Où est-ce que je peux trouver … ? oo ess kuh zhuh puh troo’vay baker’s l. a. boulangerie l. a. boo’loñzh’ree book shop los angeles librairie los angeles lee’bray’ree financial institution l. a. banque los angeles boñk butcher’s le boucher luh boo’shay chemist’s l. a. pharmacie l. a. far’ma’see outfitter le magasin de vêtements luh ma’ga’zañ duh vet’moñ delicatessen le traiteur luh tray’tuhr division shop le grand magasin luh groñ ma’ga’zañ fishmonger’s le poissonnier luh pwa’son’yay reward store le magasin de cadeaux luh ma’ga’zañ duh ka’doh greengrocer’s l’épicerie lay’pees’ree newsagent’s l. a. presse l. a. press publish place of work l. a. poste l. a. posst shoe store le magasin de chaussures luh ma’ga’zañ duh shoh’soor grocery store le supermarché luh soo’pair’ marsh’ay wine service provider le marchant de vin luh marsh’oñ duh vañ How a lot is it? Combien ça coûte? kom’byañ sa koot I’m simply taking a look, thank you. Je ne fais que regarder, merci. zhuh ne fay kuh ruh’gar’day mair’see the place are the altering rooms? Où sont les cabines d’essayage? oo soñ lay kab’eens de’say’azh Excuse me, do you promote … ? Excusez-moi, vendez-vous … ? eks’koo’zay mwa voñ’day voo alcohol de l’alcool duh lal’kol aspirin de l’aspirine duh las’pee’reen cigarettes des cigarettes day see’ga’ret condoms des préservatifs day pray’sair’va’teef postcards des carte postales day kart pos’tal stamps des timbres day tañbr English newspapers des journaux anglais day zhoor’noh oñ’glay road maps of the neighborhood zone des plans des alentours day ploñ dayz a’loñ’toor I’ll take one / / 3 of these. Je vais en prendre un / deux / trois. zhuh vayz oñ proñdr uñ / duh / trwa I’ll take it. Je vais le prendre. zhuh vay luh proñdr That’s too pricey. Do you will have something more cost-effective? C’est trop cher. Avez-vous quelque selected de moins cher? say troh shair. a’vay voo kel’kuh shohz duh mwañ shair the place do I pay? Où est-ce que je peux payer? oo ess kuh zhuh puh pay’ay attainable answer you could pay over there. Vous pouvez payer là bas. voo poo’vay pay’ay los angeles bah might i've got a bag, please? Est-ce que je peux avoir un sac, s’il vous plaît? ess kuh zhuh puhz a’vwar uñ sak seel voo play I don’t desire a bag. Je n’ai pas besoin d’un sac. zhuh nay pah buhz’wañ duñ sak attainable REPLIES am i able to assist you?

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