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By Sean Sheehan

Essentially the most widely-read thinkers writing this present day, Slavoj Žižek's paintings should be either exciting and difficult in equivalent degree. Žižek: A advisor for the at a loss for words is the main up to date advisor to be had for readers suffering to grasp the tips of this highly influential philosopher. Unpacking the philosophical references that fill Žižek's writings, the e-book explores his affects, together with Lacan, Kant, Hegel and Marx. From there, a bankruptcy on 'Reading Žižek' courses the reader during the ways in which he applies those center theoretical strategies in key texts like Tarrying With the detrimental, The Ticklish topic and The Parrallax View and in his books approximately pop culture like taking a look Awry and luxuriate in Your Symptom! significant secondary writings and movies that includes Žižek also are coated.

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