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Introduction to sturdy kingdom Ionics: Phenomenology and Applications offers a pedagogical, graduate-level remedy of the technology and expertise of superionic conductors, often referred to as quickly ion conductors or reliable electrolytes. compatible for physics, fabrics technology, and engineering researchers and scholars, the textual content emphasizes easy physics and chemistry in addition to functions of electrochemical power materials.

The ebook specializes in primary phenomenological elements, together with crystal constitution, phonon dispersion, digital band constitution, defects, sickness, nonstoichiometry, non-equilibrium thermodynamics, part transitions, and statistical mechanics of iono-electron shipping. It explains how the layout, synthesis, and characterization of fabrics relief in optimizing diffusion coefficients and ionic conductivities. the writer additionally describes very important purposes of good country ionics, together with good kingdom batteries, gas cells, and electrochemical sensors.

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