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Download E-books Korean for Beginners: Mastering Conversational Korean (CD-ROM Included) PDF

By Kyubyong Park

Have you ever thought of studying Korean, yet been eliminate through the weird glance of the characters? do not enable your self be scared away! Korean has been referred to as "the most rational language there is," and with this pleasant and thorough creation you'll soon see why.

The top solution to study Korean—this e-book makes use of a lighthearted, funny procedure. Korean for Beginners starts off through exhibiting you simply how reasoned and logical the Korean alphabet, hangeul, truly is, and is helping you grasp it speedier than you discovered the English alphabet. sensible events you could come across in Korea in Korean-speaking environments are defined, and new phrases are defined when it comes to how you will find them invaluable to speak. a number of illustrations liven up the textual content, and a CD-ROM certain into the jacket allows you to pay attention and repeat words within the publication. quickly you possibly can say with satisfaction, "I understand Korean!" positive aspects of Korean for Beginners are:

  • learn how to learn Korean writing with ease.
  • functional words assist you speak with confidence.
  • A lighthearted "guide" walks you thru, bringing the language to life.
  • The CD–ROM's local Korean audio system assist you to talk Korean like a professional.

As the greater than 1 million american citizens who communicate Korean can attest, the Korean language is the following to stick, and generations of younger (and older) adults are decided to profit it. This booklet is for those who desire a snatch of the way to talk, write and comprehend Korean—and who are looking to take pleasure in issues whereas they are at it!

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Extra info for Korean for Beginners: Mastering Conversational Korean (CD-ROM Included)

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Achim yeoseot shiyeyo. ] It’s six o’clock within the morning. ႔வ࿥໚གྷ࿵ဠ. [Cheonyeok yeoseot shiyeyo. ] It’s six o’clock within the night. Hmm…that took a couple of minutes to give an explanation for. Now it’s ten prior six, so how may you are saying this? whats up, I informed you, banish the idea of “past” out of your brain. All you'll want to say is “six ten”: 25. 6 ࿥໚གྷཊึၦ࿝ဠ. [Yeoseot shi send punieyo. ] And bear in mind, this can be the single tough half: don’t say ၊གྷཊึၦ࿝ဠ, or ࿥໚གྷ࿩ึၦ࿝ဠ. It’s natural Korean for གྷ, Sino-Korean for ึ. ok, pop quiz: it’s 10:15 at evening. 25. 7 ෫࿩གྷཊ࿼ึၦ࿝ဠ. [Pam yeol shi shibo punieyo. ] As I stated, there’s no be aware for “quarter” in Korean. ཊ࿼ (15) is all you wish. part, to ok, so perhaps I’ve simplified the assumption of telling time just a little. It’s precise that there’s no note for “quarter,” yet there does take place to be one for “half,” and it’s ෥ [pan]. in reality, it’s lovely widely used in preference to 30. simply, should you say it, you don’t have to connect ึ. So it’s ຳཊึ or ෥. Oops, how the time is flying! It’s already 7:30: 25. eight ၩરགྷຳཊึ, or 25. nine ၩરགྷ෥, yet no longer ၩરགྷ෥ึ. and eventually, there’s an expression for “to,” as in “five to 11. ” although, you continue to stick to the order of hourminute should you say this, and also you use a observe now not for “to,” yet for “before”: ႖ [cheon]. So, how do you assert 5 to 11? 25. 10 ࿩ዽགྷ࿼ึ႖ၦ࿝ဠ. [Yeolhan shi o pun cheonieyo. ] It’s 5 to 11. nice! That’s all you must find out about telling time. obviously, you have to be capable of supply me a majority of these instances in Korean: 3:10 p. m. 5:30 a. m. 12:45 8:55 132 bankruptcy 25 attainable solutions: 25. eleven 25. 12 25. thirteen 25. 14 3:10 p. m. : ࿼ፎໞགྷཊึ 5:30 a. m. : ࿼႖ఋ໚གྷຳཊึ or ࿼႖ఋ໚གྷ෥ 12:45: ࿩౞གྷຫཊ࿼ึ 8:55: ࿥మགྷ࿼ཊ࿼ึ or ྤጳགྷ࿼ึ႖ Now you're the grasp of the clock! ඘, ࿑ൠ୾ I observe it’s overdue, yet sooner than we cross i would like to teach you one other use for the modifier ඘. It’s sturdy for asking different issues in addition to the time, comparable to “how many” of anything there are. to do that, you insert ඘ among a noun and its counting unit. good day, this can be the best chance to teach off what you studied in bankruptcy 23, correct? 25. 15 25. sixteen 25. 17 ࿌႞ᅙ඘૟ຶ࿌ဠ' [Eoje chaek myeot kweon sasseoyo? ] what percentage books did you purchase the previous day? ຫ઴඘੭ൾ࿘࿌ဠ' [Sagwa myeot kae meogeosseoyo? ] what percentage apples did you consume? ໏ါ࿝໏ิຮଆხ KTX (ᇛၦኊ࿞༺)ച඘གྷ੝ઃ഍ဠ' [Seoureseo pusankkaji KTX(keitiekseu)ro myeot shigan keolryeoyo? ] ૟ [kweon] booklet, quantity (counting unit) ຫఋ [sada] to shop for what number hours is it from Seoul to Busan through KTX? ຫ઴ [sagwa] apple ઃ൘ఋ [keolrida] to take, final (time) should you run right into a state of affairs the place for a few cause you can’t consider which counting unit to exploit, don’t depression. in its place, you could replacement the note ࿑ൠ୾. this could glance universal, correct? within the final bankruptcy, we discovered the noun ࿑ൠ, that's used for asking the cost of whatever. ࿑ൠ୾ is an adverb type of ࿑ൠ, and you'll whip it out whilst asking the variety of whatever. So, if in our earlier sentence you by some means couldn’t do not forget that གྷ੝ used to be the counting unit for “hour,” you may say this as a substitute: 25.

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