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Download E-books Lust: A Dictionary for the Insatiable (The Deadly Dictionaries) PDF

The Seven lethal Sins have sliced up the dictionary and brought what is theirs. not anyone vice is simply too grasping as every one quantity prides itself on having greater than 500 entries. observe fanatics will lust after those richly packaged volumes--and as soon as you have got accrued all seven, you may be the envy of your entire friends.

Lust: A Dictionary for the Insatiable

Once seriously is not sufficient. you should ogle those entries a number of occasions, all evening lengthy. Nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, no matter what their specific pleasure--or pleasures--they'll locate 'em inside.

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Front (en-TRAHNS) VERB: To captivate an individual and carry his or her realization; enrapture. entrap (en-TRAP) VERB: To tempt anyone to do whatever mistaken or immoral. erogenous (ih-ROJ-uh-nuhs) ADJECTIVE: anything, like a space of the physique, that's particularly prone to sexual arousal. Love desires to take pleasure in in alternative routes the man or woman whom it has loved in mattress; it seems to be ahead to having breakfast. yet within the morning Lust is often furtive. It attire as automatically because it undressed and heads immediately for the door, to come to its personal solitude. —HENRY FAIRLIE eros (EER-os) NOUN: Derived from Eros, the Greek god of affection, eros refers to sexual love or libido. erotic (ih-ROT-ik) ADJECTIVE: owning the facility to arouse sexual hope in somebody. eroticize (ih-ROT-uh-syz) VERB: To sexualize anything. erotism (AYR-uh-tiz-uhm) NOUN: An erotic caliber; emotions of sexual arousal; often referred to as eroticism. one of many oldest and such a lot awesome books on intercourse and EROTICISM is the Kama Sutra, which used to be most likely written within the first century. euphoria (yoo-FAWR-ee-uh) NOUN: A country of maximum happiness or healthiness; ecstasy. exhibitionism (ek-suh-BISH-uh-niz-uhm) NOUN: the will to draw cognizance from loud, competitive habit; a mental compulsion to show oneself in public. particular (ik-SPLIS-it) ADJECTIVE: tremendous special in an effort to depart no room for interpretation; sexually picture. F fancy (FAN-see) VERB: To be interested in somebody in a romantic or sexual means; to think in—but now not be one hundred pc convinced of—something; to visualize. fantasize (FAN-tuh-syz) VERB: To concoct romantic or extravagant notions in one’s head; daydream. fascination (fas-uh-NAY-shuhn) NOUN: To be thoroughly mesmerized via someone or factor; captivation. femme fatale (fem fuh-TAL) NOUN: A devious girl who makes use of her reputation and intercourse attract entice males into doing her soiled paintings, which regularly contains homicide. The stereotype was once made well-known within the video clips within the Forties. fervor (FUR-ver) NOUN: severe ardour or commitment; ardor. fetish (FET-ish) NOUN: A thing—usually whatever except an erogenous physique part—that is worshipped in a sexual type; any item, job, or inspiration with which one develops a fixation. constancy (fi-DEL-ih-tee) NOUN: Faithfulness or loyalty; accuracy. filthiness (FIL-thee) ADJECTIVE: super soiled or foul; vulgar or obscene. many of us are grew to become off via sadomasochism as a sexual perform and notice it because the epitome of FILTHINESS and immorality. fixate (FIK-sayt) VERB: To develop into thoroughly fed on or obsessed by means of whatever. flagitious (fluh-JISH-uhs) ADJECTIVE: Shamefully scandalous; disgraceful. flagrant (FLAY-gruhnt) ADJECTIVE: manifestly noticeable; scandalous. Stella’s FLAGRANT flaunting of her womanly resources positioned a foul flavor within the mouths of the opposite participants of the committee. flame (flaym) NOUN: an individual for whom one contains a torch; an item of wish; severe ardour; burning fuel or vapor. flaunt (flawnt) VERB: to intensify one’s optimistic attributes, be it a shapely physique or nice wealth.

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