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Download E-books Making Out in Korean: Third Edition (Making Out Books) PDF

By Peter Constantine

Making Out in Korean is a enjoyable, available and thorough Korean phrasebook and advisor to the Korean language as it really is fairly spoken.

Nan neoga joa michigesseo! Uri tto mannalkka?—(I'm loopy approximately you! we could meet again?) solution this properly in Korean and you can be occurring a scorching date. Incorrectly, and also you can be hurting a persons' emotions or getting a slap! Korean periods and textbooks are likely to spend loads of time rehearsing for a similar fictitious situations yet likelihood is whereas in Korea you'll spend much more time attempting to make new pals or commence new romances—something you'll no longer be ready for.

If you're a pupil, businessman or vacationer touring to South Korea or North Korea and wish to have an actual and significant event, the secret is with the ability to communicate like an area. This pleasant and easy-to-use Korean word ebook makes this attainable. Making out in Korean has been conscientiously designed to behave as a advisor to fashionable colloquial Korean to be used in daily casual interactions—giving entry to this kind of catchy Korean expressions that are not coated in conventional language fabrics. in addition to the Romanized types (romanji), every one expression is given in real Korean script (hangul), in order that relating to problems the booklet should be proven to the individual the person is making an attempt to speak with. additionally, easy-to-use phonetic spellings of all Korean phrases and words are given. for instance "How are you?"—annyeonghaseyo? is usually written as anh-nyawng-hah-seyo?

This Korean phrasebook includes:

  • A advisor to announcing Korean phrases correctly.
  • motives of uncomplicated Korean grammar, similar to, note order, questions, and formal vs. casual tenses.
  • entire Korean translations together with Korean Script (hangul).
  • important and fascinating notes on Korean language and culture.
  • plenty of colourful, enjoyable and useful expressions no longer coated in different phrasebooks.

Titles during this targeted sequence of bestselling word books comprise: Making Out in chinese language, Making Out in Indonesian, Making Out in Thai, Making Out in Korean, Making Out in Hindi, Making Out in eastern, Making Out in Vietnamese, Making out in Burmese, Making Out in Tagalog, Making Out in Hindi, Making Out in Arabic, Making Out in English, extra Making Out in Korean, and More Making Out in Japanese.

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You scent great. neohanten jo-eun naemsaega na. naw-hahn-ten joe-eun nehmsay-gah nah. 너 한텐 좋은 냄새가 나. am i able to kiss you? kiseuhaedo dwae? keeseuh-haydoe dway? 키스해도 돼? Kiss me! kiseuhae jwo! kee-seuh hay jwah! 키스해 줘! Do you wanna sleep with me? narang jago shipeo? nah-rahng chah-goh ship-aw? 나랑 자고 싶어? Oh, I’m embarrassed. ai, changpihae. ahee, chahng-pee-hay. 아이, 창피해. Don’t be shy. bukkeureowo haji ma. boo-kkeu-ruh-wah hahjee mah. 부끄러워 하지 마. shut your eyes. nun gama bwa. midday gahmah bwah. 눈 감아 봐. flip off the sunshine. bulkkeo bwa. bool-kkuh bwah. 불꺼 봐. within the bed room is that this your first time? neo cheo-eumiya? naw chuh-eumeeyah? 너 처음이야? inform me the reality. sashildaero malhae bwa. sahsheel-dayroh mahlhay bwah. 사실대로 말해 봐. I’m nonetheless a virgin. na ajik cheonyeoya. (female) nah ahjeek chuhn-yuh-yah. 나 아직 처녀야. na ajik chonggagiya. (male) nah ahjeek chohng-gahk-ee-yah. 나 아직 총각이야. I’m apprehensive. museowo. moo-suh-wah. 무서워. Don’t fear. geok-jjeonghaji ma. guck-juhng-hah-jee mah. 걱정하지 마. I’ll be cautious. joshimhalke. joe-shim-hahl-kkay. 조심할게. I wanna carry your hand. neo sonjaba bogo shipeo. naw sohn jah-pah boh-goh ship-aw. 너 손 잡아 보고 싶어. inspect my eyes. nae nun cheoda bwa. nay midday chuh-dah bwah. 내 눈 쳐다 봐. Hug me. na ana jwo. nah ahn-ah jwaw. 나 안아 줘. Take your … off! … beoseo bwa! … buss-uh bwah! ... 벗어 봐! outfits ot oat 옷 denims cheongbaji chuhng-bahjee 청바지 gown deureseu deu-resseuh 드레스 Skirt chima cheemah 치마 T-shirt tisyeocheu tee-shut-cheu 티셔츠 Socks yangmal yahng-mahl 양말 shoes shinbal sheen-bahl 신발 sneakers kudu koodoo 구두 Bra beura beurah 브라 lingerie paenti pen-tee 팬티 The Korean notice paenti, regardless of its derivation from the English “panty,” is gender-neutral. I’m chilly! na chuwo! nah choowaw! 나 추워! Make me hot. ttatteutage hae jwo. ttahtteut-hahgay hay jwaw. 따뜻하게 해 줘. Come towards me. deo gakkai wa. duh gah-kka-ee wah. 더 가까이 와. That tickles. ganjireowo. gahnjee-ruh-wah. 간지러워. IN mattress I wanna see your … na ni … bogo shipeo. nah nee … boh-goh ship-aw. 나 니 ... 보고 싶어. I wanna contact your … na ni … manjigo shipeo. nah nee … mahn-jeegoh ship-aw. 나 니 ... 만지고 싶어. I wanna suck your … na ni … ppalgo shipeo. nah nee … ppahl-goh ship-aw. 나 니 ... 빨고 싶어. factor kkeo kkaw 거 Breasts gaseum gahseum 가슴 Pussy boji (derogatory shape) bohjee 보지 geogi (gender neutral)* guh-gee 거기 Dick jaji (derogatory shape) jahjee 자지 geogi (gender neutral)* guh-gee 거기 * Geogi actually ability “there. ” Balls bul-al bool-ahl 불알 Nipples jeot-kkok-jji juht-kkoak-jjee 젖꼭지 Butt eongdeong-i uhng-duhng-ee 엉덩이 Knees mureup moo-reup 무릎 ft balkarak bahl-kahrahk 발가락 arms sonkarak sohn-kahrahk 손가락 I’m afraid I’ll get pregnant. imshinhalkka bwa museowo. eem-sheen-hahl-kkah bwah moo-suh-wah. 임신할까 봐 무서워. Use a condom! kondom sseo! kawn-dawm ssaw! 콘돔 써! I don’t wish to put on a condom. kondom sseuneun ge shilheo. kawn-dawn sseu-neun homosexual shil-aw. 콘돔 쓰는 게 싫어. if you happen to don’t put on a condom, I won’t do it! kondom an sseumyeon, an halkeoya! kawn-dawm ahn sseu-myuhn ahn hahl-goy-yah! 콘돔 안 쓰면, 안 할꺼야! Oh, it feels so solid! ah, gibun joa! ahh, geeboon joe-ah!

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