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Download E-books Nautical Illustrations: 681 Royalty-Free Illustrations from Nineteenth-Century Sources (Dover Pictorial Archive) PDF

By Jim Harter

While this e-book is meant is meant for all who love boats, ships, background, and nautical lore, it's also designed as a definitive resource of top quality, royalty-free photos to be used by means of artists, image designers, computing device publishers, advert corporations, and extra. This choice of 681 wooden engravings comprises remarkable examples of a few of the world's most pretty boats and ships. one of several recognized vessels during this quantity are Columbus's ships, the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria; King Henry's VIII's Great Harry; the Pilgrim Fathers' Mayflower; Henry Hudson's Half Moon; King Charles I's Sovereign of the Seas; Captain Cook's Discovery; the HMS Bellerophon; Fulton's Clermont; and the Great Eastern. between well-known naval battles proven are the clash at Actium, the invasion of the Spanish Armada, Dutch-English engagements within the seventeenth century, Anson's Centurion taking pictures a Spanish treasure send, Nelson's victory at Trafalgar, Perry's triumph at Lake Erie, and the Civil warfare ironclad contest among the Monitor and the Merrimac.
This quantity encompasses a big range of vessels: rowboats, funeral barges, Venetian gondolas, catamarans, local American canoes, chinese language junks, tugboats, canal boats, barges, yachts, brigs, barks, sloops, skiffs, catboats, different types of vessels used for fishing and whaling, ships in misery, and extra. There also are examples of nautically comparable fabric: navigational tools, diving fits and helmets, lighthouses, canal locks, dry docks, the Suez Canal, helmsmen, send captains, seamen at paintings, deck scenes, and interiors of boats. taken from infrequent resources — depict primitive canoes, a Roman galley, send figureheads, naval battles, dock scenes, lighthouses, pirate ships, steam-powered battleships, and a wealth of different topics. short captions establish photos, that are prepared chronologically. positive factors over six hundred black-and-white illustrations from infrequent resources, prepared chronologically.

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30: Vessel of Goddess Artemis. 32: Triton. 33, 34: Greek vessels. 36: Vessel of Odysseus. Roman period vessels. 37, forty, forty two, forty four: conflict galleys. 38: Trireme buying and selling vessel. 39: Prow of warfare vessel. forty-one, forty five: Galleys. forty three: buying and selling vessel. Roman naval engagements. forty six: conflict in the course of Punic Wars with Carthage. forty seven: clash at Actium among forces of Octavius Augustus and people of Marc Antony and Cleopatra. 48–55: numerous examples of Norse or Viking vessels. Vessels of center a while. fifty six, fifty seven: strategy of boat development in 11th-century Normandy (from Bayeux Tapestry). fifty eight: Vessel wearing English King Edgar rowed via vassal kings. fifty nine: Arthurian boat. 60–64: Norman vessels, ca. eleventh century. sixty five: Viking send. sixty six: Lymphad, a kind of historic galley. sixty seven: French vessels, ca. twelfth century. sixty eight: Arthurian funeral boat. sixty nine: Mediterranean Sea conflict among Crusaders and Islamic forces. 70: Ships of Corsair Colombo assault Venetian galleys close to Cape St. Vincent, Portugal, ca. fifteenth century. seventy one, seventy three, seventy five: Columbus’ 3 ships, 1492. seventy two: Unidentified. seventy four, seventy nine, eighty: Spanish caravels. seventy six: Italian send, sixteenth century. seventy seven: Spanish galleon, sixteenth century. seventy eight: Columbus’ Santa Maria, 1492. eighty one: Ocean buying and selling vessel, ca. 1500. eighty two: Columbus’ 3 ships, 1492. eighty three: English vessel, sixteenth century. eighty four: Caravel, fifteenth century. eighty five: send hull on dry dock, ca. 1500. 86: Ocean vessel hull, ca. 1500. 87: Genoese ships, fifteenth century. 88: service provider vessel, 14th century. 89: warfare vessel, ca. 14th century. ninety: Pirate John Oxenham in Pacific, overdue sixteenth century. ninety one, ninety two: Spanish vessels, ca. 1492. ninety three: Spanish galleon, ca. sixteenth century. ninety four: King Henry VIII’s well-known flagship, nice Harry, ca. 1514. ninety five: Spanish send, ca. 1500. ninety six: The Coque, ca. 1500. ninety seven: Deck of 16th-century vessel. ninety eight: Engagement among English and Spanish ships, sixteenth century. ninety nine: Unidentified, ca. 1500. a hundred: Galleon sixteenth century. a hundred and one: Defeat of Sir Andrew Barton, early sixteenth century. 102, 103: Scenes within the British defeat of the Spanish Armada. Mediterranean galleys within the period of Venetian dominance. 104: Vessel, sixteenth century. a hundred and five, 106: Unidentified. 107: Three-mast kind with sq. sails. 108: send, seventeenth century. 109: Venice’s country barge, the Bucentaur. a hundred and ten: Pontifical galley, sixteenth century. 111: huge galley, seventeenth century. 112–117: Six engravings (top to bottorn) express a variety of levels in galley building, plus most sensible view and component to prow. 118: kingdom barge, Bucentaur. 119: Galley, sixteenth century. 120–123: 4 kinds of oarlocks. 124: Admiral’s galley, ca. 1629. one hundred twenty five: Navigation on a Dutch river, sixteenth century. 126: Scene at the Seine River, Paris, seventeenth century. British men-of-war, sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. 127: nice Harry, 1514. 128: Hull of Sovereign of the Seas, 1637. This was once the flagship of King Charles I. 129: Royal William, 1670. one hundred thirty: Royal barge of English King Charles I. 131: Dutch galliot. 132: Futtock shrouds. 133: Unidentified vessel. 134: The Mayflower, 1620. a hundred thirty five: Sovereign of the Seas, 1637. 136: Galleass, ca. 1629. 137: Dutch send sinking Spanish galleon, seventeenth century. 138: Galleons, seventeenth century. 139: Henry Hudson’s part Moon ascending ny Bay (Hudson River), 1609.

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