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Modern theories of which means often culminate in a critique of technology. This publication provides a examine of human intelligence starting with a semantic conception and major right into a critique of music.

By implication it units up a thought of the entire arts; the transference of its simple ideas to different arts than track isn't built, however it is sketched, as a rule within the bankruptcy on inventive import. considerate readers of the unique version stumbled on those far-reaching rules quick sufficient because the profession of the ebook exhibits: it's as appropriate to literature, artwork and song as to the sphere of philosophy itself.

The themes it offers with are many: language, sacrament, fable, tune, abstraction, truth, knowledge--to identify purely the most ones. yet via all of them is going the important subject matter, symbolic transformation because the crucial task of human minds. This imperative thought, emphasizing because it does the idea of symbolism, brings Mrs. Langer's e-book into line with the present curiosity in semantics. All profound problems with our age appear to focus on the fundamental suggestions of symbolism and that means. The formative, artistic, articulating energy of symbols is the tonic chord which thinkers of all faculties and plenty of assorted fields are unmistakably outstanding; the miraculous, far-reaching implications of this new primary notion represent what Mrs. Langer has referred to as "philosophy in a brand new key."

Mrs. Langer's ebook brings the dialogue of symbolism right into a wider normal use than feedback of note that means. Her quantity is full of life, powerful, and good written and should attract everybody attracted to the modern difficulties of philosophy.

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H'na discovered her incantations had no impression with the solar. She couldn't lr ' 17 Dixon, Oceanic Mythology, p. forty three ff. An excerpt from Westervelt, Legends of Maui, pp. 140-145. LIFE-SYMBOLS: THE ROOTS OF delusion 153 succeed upon him to move slower and provides her extra time for the finishing touch of her activity. Then she referred to as on her robust son, Maui-ki-i-ki-i, for relief. ". . . . He took ropes made of the fibre of bushes and vines [in one other model, his sister Ina-Ika's hair] 18 and lassoed the solar whereas it climbed the facet of the mountain and entered the good crater which hollows out the summit. The solar got here via a wide hole within the japanese part of the crater, dashing alongside as quickly as attainable. Then Maui threw his lassoes one by one over the sun's legs (the rays of light), protecting him speedy and breaking off a few of them. With a magic membership Maui struck the face of the sunlight time and again. ultimately, wounded and weary, and likewise limping on its damaged legs, the solar promised Maui to head slower forevermore. " four. THE dying OF MAUI This tale belongs to New Zealand, and has a sad, moral ring that actually indicates a extra epic section of mythology than the Oceanic. For right here the mischievous, wily hero looks in a significant temper, considering the sorrowful destiny of mankind, wherein each guy needs to in the end plow through the gate of dying, and not go back. Maui, within the satisfaction of his magic strength, attempts to undo this destiny, to discover lifestyles past loss of life and produce it to males in the world. Maui, after his many profitable exploits, got here domestic to his mom and dad in excessive spirits. His father, notwithstanding duly admiring the hero's feats, warned him that there has been person who could but triumph over him. whilst Maui requested incredulously by way of whom he may be conquer, "His father replied him, 'By your nice ancestress, by way of Hine-nui-te-po, who, if you happen to glance, you might even see flashing, and because it have been, commencing and closing there, the place the horizon meets the sky. . . . What you notice yonder shining so brightly are her eyes, and her enamel are as sharp and difficult as volcanic glass; her physique is like that of guy, and as for the scholars of her eyes, they're jasper; and her hair is just like the tangles of lengthy seaweed, and her mouth is like that of a barracouta. ' " 19 Maui, regardless of all warnings, set forth to discover the dreadful ancestress Hina, and to creep via her gaping mouth into her abdominal, the place everlasting lifestyles was once hidden in her womb. He took his associates the little birds with him—presumably for " Ibid. , p. fifty four. Ina-Ika is one other "Hina," for "Ina" = "Hina. " "From Sir George gray, Polynesian Mythology and historical conventional historical past ol the ffev Zealand Race, as supplied via their clergymen and Chiefs, quoted via Dixon, op. cit. , p. five 2 . 154 PHILOSOPHY IN a brand new KEY ethical help, considering the fact that they definitely provided no different aid—on his method down the shining route to the horizon; and he adjured them to make no noise that may wake the monster earlier than he used to be accurately out of her mouth back. Then he crept into her, prior her obsidian enamel that have been the gates of demise. He came upon the treasure of everlasting lifestyles, and commenced to make his get away.

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