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By Jeffery Hicks


PowerShell extensive, moment Edition is the go-to reference for directors operating with home windows PowerShell. each significant method, know-how, and tactic is thoroughly defined and verified, delivering a hands-on consultant to nearly every little thing an admin could do within the shell. Written by means of 3 skilled authors and PowerShell MVPs, this can be the PowerShell publication you are going to hold subsequent for your monitor—not in your bookshelf!

Purchase of the print booklet features a loose e-book in PDF, Kindle, and ePub codecs from Manning Publications.

About the Book

A home windows admin utilizing PowerShell each day would possibly not have the time to go looking the web at any time when she or he hits a snag. would it not be nice to have a staff of pro PowerShell specialists able to resolution even the hardest questions? that is what you get with this publication.

PowerShell intensive, moment Edition is the go-to reference for directors operating with home windows PowerShell. each significant approach, expertise, and tactic is punctiliously defined and tested, delivering a hands-on advisor to nearly every little thing an admin could do within the shell. Written through PowerShell MVPs Don Jones, Jeffrey Hicks, and Richard Siddaway, each one helpful approach used to be constructed and punctiliously established, so one can regularly write production-quality, maintainable scripts whereas saving hours of effort and time.

This ebook assumes you recognize the fundamentals of PowerShell.

What's Inside

  • Automating tasks
  • Packaging and deploying scripts
  • Introduction to wanted nation Configuration
  • PowerShell security
  • Covers PowerShell model three and later

About the Authors

Don Jones, Jeffery Hicks, and Richard Siddaway are Microsoft MVPs, running shoes, and directors. jointly, they have authored approximately 3 dozen books on PowerShell and home windows administration.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. PowerShell hosts
  3. Using the PowerShell aid system
  4. The fundamentals of PowerShell syntax
  5. Working with PSSnapins and modules
  6. Operators
  7. Working with objects
  8. The PowerShell pipeline
  9. Formatting
  11. PowerShell Remoting
  12. Background jobs and scheduling
  13. Working with credentials
  14. Regular expressions
  15. Working with HTML and XML data
  16. PSDrives and PSProviders
  17. Variables, arrays, hash tables, and script blocks
  18. PowerShell security
  19. Advanced PowerShell syntax
  21. PowerShell's scripting language
  22. Basic scripts and functions
  23. Creating gadgets for output
  24. Scope
  25. PowerShell workflows
  26. Advanced syntax for scripts and functions
  27. Script modules and appear modules
  28. Custom formatting views
  29. Custom style extensions
  30. Data language and internationalization
  31. Writing help
  32. Error dealing with techniques
  33. Debugging instruments and techniques
  34. Functions that paintings like cmdlets
  35. Tips and tips for developing reports
  36. PART four complex POWERSHELL
  37. Working with the part item version (COM)
  38. Working with .NET Framework objects
  39. Accessing databases
  40. Proxy functions
  41. Building a GUI
  42. WMI and CIM
  43. Working with the web
  44. Desired nation Configuration

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You can’t run any command software that has its personal “shell” like nslookup or netsh—though you could run them as instructions instead of interactively. you could in basic terms run scripts at the distant desktop if its execution coverage allows you to accomplish that (we talk about that during bankruptcy 17). You aren’t attached to an interactive laptop consultation; your connection should be audited as a “network logon,” a lot as though you have been connecting to a dossier percentage at the distant desktop. a result of connection style, home windows won’t execute profile scripts, even if you’ll be hooked up on your profile domestic folder at the distant laptop. not anything you do can be noticeable by way of the other consumer who’s attached to an analogous computing device, no matter if they’re interactively logged onto its computer console. You can’t run a few software and feature it “pop up” in entrance of the logged-on consumer. you want to specify the computer’s identify because it seems in energetic listing or on your neighborhood relied on Hosts checklist; you can’t use IP addresses or DNS CNAME aliases until they’ve been additional for your depended on Hosts checklist. while you’ve comprehensive with the distant laptop, run Exit-PSSession. this can go back you for your neighborhood urged, shut the relationship to the distant computer, and unlock assets at the distant computing device. this may additionally ensue instantly when you simply shut the PowerShell window. [Win8]: playstation C:\Users\Administrator\Documents> Exit-PSSession playstation C:\> 153 utilizing Remoting the best way we’ve used Enter-PSSession will continually connect with the distant machine’s default PowerShell endpoint. On a 64-bit working approach, that’ll be the 64-bit model of PowerShell. Later, we’ll allow you to connect with different endpoints (remembering that Enable-PSRemoting will create a number of endpoints). 10. three. three 1-to-many Remoting One-to-many Remoting, sometimes called fan-out Remoting, is a strong process that highlights the worth of Remoting. You transmit a command (or a chain of instructions) to a number of distant pcs. They every one execute the command, serialize the implications into XML, and ship the implications again to you. Your reproduction of PowerShell deserializes the XML into items and places them within the pipeline. for instance, believe you need to get a listing of all procedures whose names begin with the letter “s,” from diversified desktops: playstation C:\> Invoke-Command -ScriptBlock { Get-Process -name s* } -ComputerName ➥ localhost,win8 Handles NPM(K) PM(K) WS(K) VM(M) CPU(s) ------217 50 315 472 306 295 380 1080 347 614 forty five 211 seventy one 2090 217 50 315 469 306 295 380 1080 347 607 forty five 211 seventy one 2089 -----11 three sixteen 36 12 15 15 forty-one 19 fifty two four 18 6 zero eleven three sixteen 36 12 15 15 forty-one 19 forty nine four 18 6 zero ----3200 304 2880 8908 2088 2372 17368 12740 3892 13820 508 9228 804 one hundred twenty 3200 304 2880 8856 2088 2372 17368 12740 3892 13756 508 9228 804 a hundred and twenty ----- ----7080 33 980 five 8372 forty six 11540 60 7428 36 5384 29 19428 fifty five 25456 one hundred twenty 8812 ninety three 18220 1129 2320 thirteen 8408 1118 3540 28 292 three 7080 33 980 five 8372 forty six 11524 fifty nine 7428 36 5384 29 19428 fifty five 25456 a hundred and twenty 8812 ninety three 18132 1129 2320 thirteen 8408 1118 3540 28 292 three -----1. 23 zero. thirteen zero. 03 zero. 31 zero. 19 zero. sixty one zero.

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