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Download E-books Pride: A Dictionary for the Vain (The Deadly Dictionaries) PDF

The Seven lethal Sins have sliced up the dictionary and brought what is theirs. not anyone vice is simply too grasping as each one quantity prides itself on having greater than 500 entries. observe fanatics will lust after those richly packaged volumes--and as soon as you have got accrued all seven, you will be the envy of your whole friends.

Pride: A Dictionary for the Vain

No one enjoys lording over the uneducated with a fine looking pointed vocabulary just like the Prideful. Now each be aware they should describe how far better they're is true at their fingertips.

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Pushed (DRIV-uhn) adjective: made up our minds to excel. 35 E eclipse eclipse (ih-KLIPS) verb: To overshadow. effrontery (ih-FRUHN-tuh-ree) noun: Impudent boldness. Effrontery is shameless audacity. egghead (EG-hed) noun: An highbrow. ego (EE-goh) noun: A mental time period for the gap among the wakeful and subconscious, ego has come to intend vanity or self-image. ego journey (EE-go journey) noun: An act performed out of self-interest. ego-tripper (EE-go-trip-er) noun: anyone who usually is going on ego journeys. 38 egomaniac selfish (ee-goh-SEN-trik) adjective: egocentric; tending towards the idea that one’s personal life is all-important. An selfish individual locations his pursuits above these of all others. egocentricity (ee-goh-sen-TRIS-ih-tee) noun: A egocentric, selfish angle. David’s overwhelming EGOCENTRICITY stemmed from the very fact his mom and dad continuously advised him he used to be the easiest at no matter what he did—and now he expects everybody in his grownup existence to do an analogous. egoism (EE-goh-iz-uhm) noun: Valuing issues in basic terms in connection with one’s personal self esteem. egomania (ee-goh-MAY-nee-uh) noun: Obsessive egoism. egomaniac (ee-goh-MAY-nee-ak) noun: someone who indicates egomania. 39 egosurfing egosurfing (ee-goh-SUR-fing) noun: A slang time period intending to glance your self up on the net for the sake of shallowness. egotism (EE-guh-tiz-uhm) noun: one other time period for egoism; denotes conceitedness and boastfulness. egotistical (ee-guh-TIS-ti-kuhl) adjective: egocentric and given to vainness; pertaining to egotism. egotize (EE-goh-tyz) verb: to consult oneself. eidolon (aye-DOH-luhn) noun: a person who's so solid at whatever that they deserve imitation. elder (EL-der) adjective: of upper rank; stronger. forty emblazon dependent (EL-ih-guhnt) adjective: Having a polished variety, style, and poise. elite (ih-LEET) noun: the simplest team of individuals in a specific classification. elitism (ih-LEE-tiz-uhm) noun: Adherence to the idea that management is most sensible controlled by means of an elite (a crew thought of to be the top or top class). Elitism frequently contains damaging overtones of snobbery. The ELITISM exuded by way of the society girls in the course of their luncheons completely intimidates the waitstaff to the purpose the place they worry conversing. emblazon (em-BLAY-zuhn) verb: To compliment or rejoice an individual; glorify. forty-one Pride that dines on self-importance, sups on contempt. —Benja min Franklin forty two eminence eminence (EM-uh-nuhns) noun: Superiority or extraordinary notability. An eminent individual is one in every of nice achievements or excessive rank. Eminence can be used as a part of a proper kind of handle. eminent (EM-uh-nuhnt) adjective: favorite or famous; of excessive esteem; notable and unique. empty satisfaction (EMP-tee pryd) noun: delight without foundation. ennoble (en-NOH-buhl) verb: to raise or confer dignity upon a person or whatever. espouse (ih-SPOUZ) verb: To suggest as if one’s personal. Espouse may also suggest to absorb marriage. forty three esteem esteem (ih-STEEM) verb: to carry in excessive regard. ethnocentrism (eth-noh-SEN-triz-uhm) noun: over the top satisfaction in one’s ethnicity to the purpose the place one feels greater to all different ethnicities.

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