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Download E-books Reading and Writing Chinese: Third Edition, HSK All Levels (2,349 Chinese Characters and 5,000+ Compounds) PDF

By William McNaughton

This is an entire and easy–to–use consultant for examining and writing chinese language characters.

Learning written chinese language is a vital a part of studying the chinese. Used as a regular by way of scholars and lecturers studying to learn chinese language and write chinese language for greater than 3 many years, the bestselling Reading & Writing Chinese has been thoroughly revised and up-to-date. Reading & Writing Chinese areas at your fingertips the basic 1,725 chinese language characters' updated definitions, derivations, pronunciations, and examples of right utilization through cleverly condensed grids. This consultant additionally makes a speciality of Pinyin, that's the authentic process to transcribe Hanzi, chinese language characters, into Latin script, now universally utilized in mainland China and Singapore. conventional characters (still utilized in Taiwan and Hong Kong) also are incorporated, making this a whole reference.

Newly up-to-date and revised, those characters are those formally prescribed by way of the chinese language executive for the the world over well-known attempt of talent in chinese language, the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK). The student's skill to learn chinese language and write chinese language are strengthened all through.

Key positive aspects of this newly-expanded variation include:

  • The 1,725 most often used characters in either Simplified and conventional forms.
  • All 2,633 characters and 5,000+ compounds required for the HSK Exam.
  • typical Hanyu Pinyin romanizations.
  • extra mnemonic words and etymologies that can assist you have in mind the characters.
  • an intensive advent, alphabetical index, and index in keeping with stroke count number and stroke order.
  • thoroughly updated/expanded English definitions.
  • handy quick-reference tables of radicals.
  • up-to-date and revised compounds, plus 25% extra vocabulary now offered.
  • Codes to help those who find themselves getting ready for the AP examination or the HSK exam


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Read Online or Download Reading and Writing Chinese: Third Edition, HSK All Levels (2,349 Chinese Characters and 5,000+ Compounds) PDF

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Distinguish “to love” from 受 (448). 爱情 àiqíng love (romantic) [B] L4 爱人 àirén lover, spouse, husband [A] 爱国 àiguó be patriotic 喜爱 xǐ’ài to be keen on, to like [B] 愛 ninety p51-100_RWC 1208. indd ninety 4/12/12 10:08:36 AM BASIC CHARACTERS • 450–454 RÉN, humaneness, kindness [D] 仁 450 four strokes 乍 451 five strokes 作 452 7 strokes 炸 仁 and rén 人 “person; be human” will be cognates. The “two” (二) is usually defined philosophically: “two” = “another, different. ” 仁 is among the 4 beginning issues of social order in Confucianism, with dedication to the typical reliable 义 (1020, p. 205), appreciate for social and spiritual varieties 礼 (591, p. 119), and knowledge 智 (1023, p. 205). 仁慈 réncí kindhearted; benevolent L6 仁义 rényì benevolence and righteousness ZHÀ, without notice This personality isn't usually noticeable independently, however it happens because the sound aspect in numerous universal characters—where it always has the price zha. 乍看 zhà kàn at the start sight 乍有乍没 zhà yǒu zhà méi Now it’s right here, now it’s now not (idiomatically: “now you notice it, now you don’t”). ZUÒ, to do, to make [A] occasionally overseas scholars have hassle distinguishing this personality in that means from the homophonous 做 “make, produce, act as, be…” (See Pt. 2, p. 224a). 作者 zuòzhě author, writer [B] L4 合作 hézuò to cooperate [B] L5 作对 zuò duì to oppose ZHÀ, to trigger, blast [C] unexpected hearth, how applicable! 炸弹 zhàdàn bomb 炸毁 zhàhuǐ to explode; to dynamite 453 nine strokes 穴 454 five strokes XUÉ, cave; lair; acupuncture aspect; a relatives identify. CAVE radical (128) [D] 穴位 xuéwèi (Chinese drugs) acupuncture aspect 洞穴 dòngxuè cave 死穴 sǐxuè Achilles’ heel (MN) A cave with 8 roofs ninety one p51-100_RWC 1304. indd ninety one 2/26/13 4:44:12 PM 455–459 • uncomplicated CHARACTERS 窄 ZHǍI, be slender [B] L4 See 950, p. 191, for 窄 in a standard blend, 宽窄 kuānzhǎi “the extensive and the narrow,” i. e. , “width, breadth. ” (MN) The cave without notice narrowed 455 10 strokes 昌 456 eight strokes 唱 CHĀNG, sun, elegance; a relations identify [D] it is a meaning-meaning compound: “sun” + “sun. ” 昌言 chāngyán (bookish) frank and open speech or comments 昌盛 chāngshéng filthy rich; flourishing L6 CHÀNG, to sing; a kinfolk identify [A] The “mouth” offers the which means; chāng (456, above) indicates the sound. 唱歌 chànggē to sing L2 合唱 héchàng a refrain (group of singers) 卖唱 màichàng to sing for a residing 457 eleven strokes 倡 CHÀNG, to begin, initiate, suggest [B] 倡言 chàngyán (bookish) to suggest 提倡 tíchàng to suggest, to advertise L5 458 10 strokes 上 459 three strokes SHÀNG, up, upon, above; to return or cross up [A] L1 …以上 ... yǐ shàng extra than…; …and extra 上学 shàngxué visit college, be at school [A] 上衣 shàng yī jacket, outer garment [B] 上马 shàngmǎ to get on a horse; to begin a venture 上个月 shàngge yuè final month ninety two p51-100_RWC 1208. indd ninety two 4/12/12 10:08:36 AM BASIC CHARACTERS • 460–464 写 XIĚ, to put in writing, to attract [A] L1 写字 xiězì to jot down 写作 xiězuò to write down (e. g. , a unique, a poem) [C] L6 写生 xiěshēng (artist’s expression) to attract from existence 460 five strokes 思 461 nine strokes 乡 462 three strokes 下 463 three strokes 巾 464 three strokes 寫 SĪ, to imagine, notion [A] This personality was once initially “head” + “heart;” “head” was once corrupted to “field.

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