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Download E-books Reading Course in Homeric Greek, Volume 2 (Revised 3rd Edition) PDF

By Raymond V. Schoder, Vincent C. Horrigan, Leslie Collins Edwards

Reading direction in Homeric Greek, e-book , 3rd Edition provides the Odyssey’s Books 6 and 12 of their entirety. every one lesson is a passage along with ten to 25 traces of textual content and encompasses a memorization record of usually discovered phrases, thematic remark in shaded packing containers, and elevated and revised grammatical notes. The textual content additionally contains a Greek-English vocabulary checklist, an appendix of a precis of grammar, and an appendix on examining Homer rhythmically. this article is a continuation of A interpreting path in Homeric Greek, publication One, 3rd version.

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Three pers. pron. ] (34) σχεδόν  [adv. ]  within reach, near;  [prep. + gen. or dat. ] close to (to) (92) σχέθον  see ἔχω 103 A interpreting direction in Homeric Greek σχέτλιος, -η, -ον  merciless, pitiless, reckless  (13) σχήσω  see ἔχω σχόν  see ἔχω σώζω, σώσω, σῶσα  I shop  (25) σῶμα, σώματος [n. ] body, corpse (28) Τ τάχα [adv. ] quickly, soon (105) ταχύς, -εῖα, -ύ  quick  (49) τέ  [postpositive enclitic conj. ]  and, additionally; τέ … τέ  either … and; τέ … καί  either … and; τέ is frequently to not be translated, quite giving subordinate or generalized strength to its clause, particularly with relative pronouns and adverbs. (115) τέθνη(κ)α  see θνήσκω τείρω  [pres. syst. only]  I put on out, I misery  (115) τεῖσα or τείσω see τῑ΄νω τεῖχος, τείχεος [n. ] wall  (I) τέκνον, -ου [n. ] child (XXV) τέκος, τέκεος [n. ] baby, offspring  (V) τελευτάω, τελευτήσω, τελεύτησα  I carry to go, I end  (XXXVI) τελέω, τελέω, τέλεσα  I satisfy, I accomplish, I entire (41) τέμενος, τεμένεος  [n. ]  land marked off (as inner most estate or devoted to a god)  (XX) τεοισι  dat. pl. of τις, τι  (31) τεός, -ή, -όν  your [sg. ]  (103) τέρπω, τέρψω, τέρψα or (τε)ταρπόμην I cheer, I amuse, I convenience; [mid. ] I take pride (in) [+ dat. ], I take my fill of [+ gen. ]  (IV) τευ gen. sg. of τις, τι  (31) τεύχω, τεύξω, τεῦξα  I construct; I make ready;  [pf. m. -p. τέτυγμαι] I am (35) τεων  gen. pl. of τις, τι τῇ [rel. adv. ] the place, there (28) τῇδε [adv. ] here (28) τῆλε  [adv. ]  some distance (away) (XXXVIII) τίθημι, θήσω, θήκα  I positioned, I reason, I make  (67) τίκτω, τέξω, τέκον  I undergo, I beget (offspring) (XXVIII) τῑ΄νω or τίω, [fut. ] τείσω or τῑ΄σω, [aor] τεῖσα or τῖσα  I pay; [in mid. ] I take vengeance upon, I punish  (97) τίς, τί  [interrog. pron. ] who? which? what? τί [interrog. adv. ] why? (31) τις, τι  [indef. pron. ]  some(one), some(thing), one, a undeniable (one), any(one);  τι [adv. ] one way or the other, in a few recognize  τλάω, τλήσομαι, τλῆν  I undergo (something) patiently; i've got the center, I dare (to do whatever) [+ inf. ]  (42) τλῆν  see τλάω τόδε  see ὅδε, ἥδε, τόδε τοί  [postpositive enclitic particle]  definitely, you notice  (24) τοί  [pron. ]  1. trade nom. pl. of  ὁ  2. = σοί τοῖος, -η, -ον  such  (XII) τοιόσδε, τοιήδε, τοιόνδε  such (as this); such (as that) (XI) τοῖχος, -ου  [m. ]  wall; [pl. ] aspects [of a boat] (XL) τοκεύς, τοκῆος [m. , f. ]  mum or dad  (IV) 104 τόσ(σ)ος, -η, -ον  such a lot of, so nice, loads; [often correlative with ὅσ(σ)ος: such a lot of (τόσσος) … as (ὅσσος)] (86) τότε [adv. ] then (47) τοῦτο  see οὗτος, αὕτη, τοῦτο τόφρα [adv. ] (for) see you later; in the meantime  (XII) τρεῖς, τρία three (V) τρέπω, τρέψω, τρέψα  I flip [trans. ]; [in mid. ] I flip (myself) [intr. ]  (22) τρέφω, θρέψω, θρέψα  I nourish, I feed, I rear  (21) τρίς [adv. ] thrice; 3 times (100) Τροίη, -ης [f. ] Troy, Ilion (61) τρόπις, τρόπιος  [f. ]  the keel (of a boat) (XL) τυγχάνω, τεύξομαι, τύχον  I take place (upon); I receive [+ gen. ]  (XX) τύπτω, τύψω, τύψα  I strike, I beat  (71) τῡρός, -οῦ [m. ] cheese (82) τῶ or τῷ  [adv. , usually used with conjunctive force]  consequently, if that's the case  (117) Υ ὑγρός, -ή, -όν  fluid, watery, wet  (88) ὕδωρ, ὕδατος [n.

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