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Download E-books Russian Phrases For Dummies PDF

By Andrew D. Kaufman

Touring in another country comparable to Russia unexpectedly turns into much more interesting for those who can have interaction in stylish small speak with the locals. Russian words For Dummies is your convenient consultant to daily phrases and words you can begin utilizing instantly to make your stopover at extra profitable and an entire lot more straightforward.

This straightforward phrasebook will jump-start your comprehension and feature you talking easy Russian very quickly. Its quick-and-easy method can provide language basics up entrance, the phrases to grasp part is helping you discover the precise note quick, and the easy-to-use pronunciation key is helping other folks comprehend what you are attempting to say. you will learn the way to:

  • Get instructions, store, and devour out
  • Talk numbers, dates, and time
  • Chat approximately relatives and work
  • Discuss activities and the weather
  • Deal with difficulties and emergencies
  • Pronounce conventional English phrases and words in Russian and English
  • Beware of phrases that sound to English yet do not suggest an analogous thing
  • Read symptoms that use the Russian alphabet
  • Follow the conventions of Russian pronunciation
  • Use easy Russian grammar correctly
  • Keep ten conventional Russian words at the tip of your tongue
  • Use simple cellphone vocabulary and ship letters, emails, and faxes

Don't have time to check the language prior to you get to Russia? No concerns. simply turn via Russian words For Dummies, locate the part that matches your wishes, and begin talking!

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Mn’eh noozh-nuh . . . ; i would like . . . ) + the neuter identify of the medication Mnye nuzhny . . . (mn’eh noozh-nih; i would like . . . ) + the plural identify of the drugs a few universal medicinal drugs comprise aspirin (uhs-pee-reen; aspirin) bolyeutolyayush’yeye (boh-lee-oo-tuh-l’ah-yu-sh’ee-eh; soreness reliever) kapli ot kashlya (kahp-lee uht kahsh-l’eh; cough drops) nyejtralizuyush’yeye kislotu sryedstvo (neey-truh-lee-zoo-yoo-sh’ih-yeh kees-lah-too sryets-tvuh; antacid) sirop ot kashlya (see-rohp uht kahsh-lyuh; cough syrup) sryedstvo dlya snizhyeniya tyempyeratury (sryets-tvuh dlya snee-zheh-nee-uh teem-pee-ruh-too-rih; fever reducer) sryedstvo ot izzhyogi (sryets-tvuh uht eez-zhoh-gee; heartburn reliever) Calling the Police while You’re the sufferer of against the law If you’re the sufferer of crime, you must be aware of the place to show to for support and what to assert to the folk aiding you. to discover the closest police station, you could ask a passerby Gdye blizhajshyeye otdyelyeniye militsii? (gdye blee-zhahy-shih-ee uht-dee-lye-nee-ye mee-lee-tsih-ee? ; the place is the closest police station? ) listed below are a few worthwhile words you should use to explain forms of crime to the police: Myenya ograbili. (mee-n’ah ah-grah-bee-lee; i used to be robbed. ) Myenya obokrali. (mee-n’ah uh-bah-krah-lee; I grew to become a sufferer of a robbery. ) Na myenya bylo sovyershyeno napadyeniye. (nuh mee-n’ah bih-luh suh-veer-shih-noh nuh-puh-d’eh-nee-eh; i used to be attacked. ) Moyu kvartiru obvorovali. (mah-yoo kvahr-tee-roo uhb-vuh-rah-vah-lee; My condo was once damaged into. ) Ya stal zhyertvoj moshyennichyestva. (ya stahl zhehr-tvohy muh-sheh-nee-cheest-vuh; I turned a sufferer of a fraud [masculine]. ) Ya stala zhyertvoj moschyennichyestva. (ya stah-lah zhehr-tvuhy muh-sheh-nee-chihst-vuh; I grew to become a sufferer of a fraud [feminine]. ) Moyu mashinu obokrali. (mah-yu muh-shih- noo uh-bahk-rah-lee; My automobile was once damaged into. [literally: My vehicle was once robbed. ]) bankruptcy 12Ten favourite Russian Expressions each tradition has a manner of taking frequent phrases and turning them into whatever else. spotting those expressions in speech and utilizing them conveniently could make you sound rather Russian! Oj! to specific shock, dismay, admiration, gratitude, or perhaps discomfort — pretty well any robust feeling — Russians say Oj! (ohy). Use oj while in English you will say “oops,” “ouch,” or “wow,” or make a facial features. you could expectantly use oj in any of the subsequent sentences: Oj, kak krasivo! (ohy kahk kruh-see-vuh; Wow, how attractive! ) Oj, spasibo! (ohy spuh-see-buh; thanks lots! ) Oj, kto eto? (ohy ktoh eh-tuh; Who on the planet is that this? ) Davaj for those who lookup davaj (duh-vahy) within the dictionary, it capability “give. ” Russians, despite the fact that, use the note in every kind of occasions. It’s a well-liked method to recommend doing whatever, as in Davaj pojdyom v kino (duh-vahy pahy-d’ohm v kee-noh; Let’s visit the movies), and to respond to “Sure, let’s do it! ” (Davaj! ) utilized by itself, davaj skill “Bye, take care. ” Pryedstav’tye Syebye even supposing the verb pryedstav’tye can suggest “imagine,” “picture,” or maybe “introduce,” pryedstav’tye syebye (preed-stahf’-te’h see-b’eh) capacity “Can you suspect it?

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