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Download E-books Test It, Fix It - English Grammar: Pre-Intermediate Level PDF

By Kenna Bourke, Amanda Maris

This can be a sequence of books which exhibit freshmen what they get fallacious and the way to place it correct.

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You a nd the children love going to cinema. i cannot see you on Saturday simply because i will the paintings. we ' re sam e typt' o f" humans. 111(' - comparable as yo urs ! you switch the li ght s off ! i do not are looking to get out of the be d . hund crimson . bus. million dolla rs? amaz ing shock! San dy 's operating as Take the t hird t urning on breakfast? foot. assistant un t il she is going to Australia . M nt ch the 2 hal ves of every sentence . upload a, an or the w the following valuable. b c tl rig ht. h ~ Do you eve r visit The put up o ffice is over there o n Wo ofte n visit t he seashore in M ost humans dislike being in I' m bus y. i have Hnr ry ! Wh at he is w ork in g because the y do mo untai n resc ues by means of A ltor I liko 1 2 three four five 6 ........ .. 7 . . '" eight nine 10 helico pter. waiter at t he second. hosp it al. chur ch? Ju ne . lunch w e'll play foot ball. coas t mo re th an the mou nta in s. m illion th ing s to do . shock to work out you agai n ! rig ht subsequent to th e ban ok. ~ A rticles (3) evaluate repair it notes A Use the earlier than a few co mm on exp ressio ns, e. g. th e left, the rig ht, the sa me . B do not use a piece of writing w it h a few com m on expressions rela ting to particula r areas, e. g. in mattress, at hom e, in clinic, in criminal, to paintings. C Do n't use an editorial w ith nutrients, days, months, or wi th ho li days, fest iv als and spec ia l days. D Use a o r an befo re a singu lar countable noun aft er as. E do not use an arti cle wi th equipment of tr an activity , e. g. through bus , b y automobile, walking. Articles (3) A and an you employ a o r an earlier than sing ul ar countable no uns afte r as. i am utilizing my spare bedro om as an workplace. Jane's paintings ing as an assistant within the do cto r 's surgical procedure. no longer as assistant you utilize a or an sooner than sing ular countab le no u ns in excl am ati o ns t hat begin wi th What. What a surp upward push! What an grand automobile! What a humorous dream ! you utilize a befo re til e wo rds hundred, thousand, million, billion, and so on . w he n you 1110an 'o ne hu ndred ', 'on e t ho usan d', et c. Jill's gained a h und purple euros. one thousand years in the past there w as a fo res t the following. you employ the befo re a few universal exp ressions, e. g . an identical, the cinema, th e th eatre, th e ri g ht, the left, the head, th e coast, and so on . you want to study t hese . you are we aring an analogous ja cket as m e. ShaJJ we visit the cinema? My bo use is at the le toes. rticle F Use a or an prior to a sing ular coun desk noun in exclamatio ns w ith What ... ! YOIi d on 't use an editorial with a few universal ex p ressio ns relat ing to pa rtic ula r locations. (0 , in o r o ut of: mattress, chu rch, sanatorium , pr ison (lI, at or fr om: coll ege , tuition , unive rsit y, paintings G Use a earlier than hundred , tho usand. million whilst vo u m ean 'o ne hu ndred' , 'o ne thousand', and so forth. Huh could be in criminal for 6 months. now not in th e pri so n Wo learnt much in school this day. no longer at t he scho ol I li ke going to paintings. now not tfie--wefk- , For extra inf o rm at ion , see the evaluate web page oppos it e. J> YUIi d on't use a piece of writing with nutrition, days, months, ho lidays, fairs and pucial days. I hat e Mondays. My 1? irthday's in June.

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