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Download E-books Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe PDF

By Theodore Gray

The Elements has turn into a world sensation, with over 1000000 copies in-print worldwide

The highly-anticipated paperback version of The Elements is eventually available.

An eye-opening, unique selection of lovely, never-before-seen photographic representations of the 118 parts within the periodic table. 

The parts are what we, and every little thing round us, are made from. yet what percentage parts has a person really obvious in natural, uncombined form? The Elements provides this infrequent chance. in response to seven years of analysis and images, the images during this e-book make up the main whole, and visually arresting, illustration to be had to the bare eye of each atom within the universe. equipped so as of visual appeal at the periodic desk, each one point is represented by way of a range that features a wonderful, full-page, full-color photo that almost all heavily represents it in its purest shape. for instance, at -183°C, oxygen turns from a drab fuel to a stunning light blue liquid. 

Also incorporated are attention-grabbing evidence, figures, and tales of the weather in addition to information at the houses of every, together with atomic weight, density, melting and boiling aspect, valence, electronegativity, and the yr and site within which it used to be came across. a number of extra pictures express each one point in a bit altered varieties or as utilized in a variety of functional methods. The element's place at the periodic desk is pinpointed on a mini rendering of the desk and an illustrated scale of the element's boiling and/or melting issues looks on every one web page in addition to a density scale that runs alongside the bottom. 

Packed with fascinating info, this mix of strong technological know-how and wonderful creative pictures is the proper reward e-book for each sentient creature within the universe.

Includes a tear-out poster of Theodore Gray's iconic Photographic Periodic Table!

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