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Download E-books The Gift of Fire: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Computing Technology (4th Edition) PDF

By Sara Baase

A present of fireplace: Social, criminal, and moral matters for Computing expertise, 4e is perfect for classes in laptop Ethics and pcs and Society. it's also an invaluable reference for desktop technological know-how execs or someone attracted to studying extra approximately computing expertise and its overarching impact.

Sara Baase explores the social, felony, philosophical, moral, political, constitutional, and fiscal implications of computing and the controversies they increase. With a working laptop or computer scientist's standpoint, and with ancient context for lots of matters, she covers the problems scholars will face either as contributors of a technological society and as execs in computer-related fields. a prime aim is to enhance desktop pros who comprehend the results of what they carry and the way it suits into society at huge.

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