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Download E-books The Highly Selective Dictionary of Golden Adjectives: For the Extraordinarily Literate PDF

By Eugene Ehrlich

Adjectives have lengthy suffered from undesirable press. for a few years, English lecturers were keen on telling scholars that "adjectives are the enemy of nouns, and adverbs are the enemy of every little thing else."

While it is nonetheless really useful to heed your English teacher's suggestion on so much different issues, The hugely Selective Dictionary of Golden Adjectives for the terribly Literate proves that breaking convinced ideas could make written and spoken language that a lot livelier, including much-needed colour, kind, and adornment. With this addition to the preferred Highly Selective sequence, the "golden" adjective, eventually, will get the big name remedy it merits. From adventitious to zaftig, popular lexicographer Eugene Ehrlich has accumulated greater than 850 of the main attention-grabbing and fascinating adjectives within the English language and has supplied concise definitions and instructive utilization examples. even if you are a author, a speaker, or a notice buff, this compendious, trenchant, laudable, and all-around fantabulous quantity can help you set panache again into your prose.

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Can this etymology be your first clue to the truth that internecine says not anything of items taking place among humans or firms? omit for a second the normal meanings of the Latin and English prefix inter- that you just be aware of so good. specifically fail to remember the which means “between peoples” that's frequently understood by way of the part expert. however, you're in reliable corporation due to the fact the individual accountable for introducing and making decent this misinformed concept was once none except Dr. Johnson himself, the idiosyncratic lexicographer who misdefined internecine as “endeavouring mutual destruction. ” lethal; damaging; battle to the dying. “Civilization has complex to the purpose at which internecine war is taken into account winning whilst an opposing military is rendered 120 / Intestate Golden Adjectives lower than totally potent, no longer while one facet or the opposite is totally exterminated. ” intestate (in-TES-tayt) From Latin intestatus, from in-, which means “not,” + testatus, the previous participle of testari, that means “to endure witness; to make a will. ” See additionally testate. 1. of somebody; no longer having made a will. “The useless previous guy, with no giving a inspiration to what could take place to his survivors, yet satisfied that he may possibly keep away from letting somebody understand how previous he used to be, died intestate. ” 2. of something: no longer disposed of via will; belonging to the property of someone who dies with no need made a will. “Believe it or no longer, that woman’s estate used to be acknowledged to stay intestate for nearly part a century after her dying, and never a unmarried inheritor has but grew to become up. ” intrepid. See trepid. inveterate (in-VET-er-it) From Latin inveteratus, the prior participle of verb inveterare, which means “to get older; defend. ” Inveteratus is mostly translated as “of lengthy status; inveterate. ” continual; ordinary; lengthy tested; deep-rooted. “By all money owed, Desmond has been an inveterate liar approximately his earlier and hasn't ever been faced by means of someone who knew the reality approximately him. ” comparable phrases: inveterately (in-VET-er-it-lee) adverb; inveterateness (in-VET-er-it-nis) noun. invidious (in-VID-ee-es) From Latin invidiosus, that means “envious; spiteful”; from invidia, which means “envy; in poor health will. ” 1. obnoxious; meant to provide offense. “His targeted weak point after a couple of beverages is his propensity to make invidious comparisons that offend all people inside earshot. ” 2. injurious; tending to reason envy or resentment. “Their father’s invidious comments by accident fed the siblings’ long-festering contention. ” Golden Adjectives Irrefrangible / 121 similar phrases: invidiously (in-VID-ee-es-lee) adverb; invidiousness (in-VID-ee-es-nis) noun. invincible. See vincible. irascible (i-RAS-e-bel) From Latin irascibilis, from irasci, which means “to develop offended. ” irritable; hot-tempered; quickly to anger. “Eileen’s wit and glib tongue didn't decrease the edge of her irascible outbursts. ” similar phrases: irascibly (i-RAS-e-blee) adverb; irascibility (i-ras-iBIL-i-tee) and irascibleness (i-RAS-i-bel-nis) either nouns. irenic (i-REN-ik) From Greek eirenikós, which means “pacific; peaceable.

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