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Download E-books The Shulgin Index, Volume 1: Psychedelic Phenethylamines and Related Compounds PDF

By Alexander Shulgin, Tania Manning, Paul F. Daley

Bear in mind: Alexander Shulgin has placed rather a lot of time into learning and documenting those compounds/substances, for those who do certainly get pleasure from this e-book. Please make sure you buy. He lately suffered a stroke in 2010, and isn't strong financially. Please take into account this while having fun with this treasure.
Here is the account from Ann Shulgin:
And a spot to donate when you are capable of achieve this, yet can't buy this stunning text.

The Shulgin Index is the newest paintings by way of Alexander ("Sasha" Shulgin,
the world's so much prolific explorer of the chemistry and results of
psychedelic medicines.

The Index is a accomplished survey of the known
psychedelics, and may be released in volumes.

VOL 1:
"Psychedelic Phenethylamines and similar Compounds"
With OCR!

The first quantity presents:
- A structure-oriented survey of psychedelic phenethylamines,
amphetamines, phenylpiperazines, and different comparable compounds.
- remedies of 126 major compounds with particular actual properties,
synthesis and analytical chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacological
properties, and criminal prestige. totally referenced with over 2,000 citations.
- Sub-tables of lesser-studied structural homologues and analogues.
Over 1300 overall compounds covered.
- vast cross-referencing tables for swift place of key information.
- a useful source for researchers, physicians, chemists, and legislations enforcement.

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