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Download E-books Word Power Made Easy: The Complete Handbook for Building a Superior Vocabulary PDF

By Norman Lewis

This time-tested classic—first released greater than sixty years ago—has helped hundreds of thousands in attaining mastery of English. Word energy Made Easy is the best vocabulary builder within the English language. It offers an easy, step by step procedure for expanding wisdom and mastery of written and spoken English. prepared in thematic sections—on every little thing from tips on how to flatter buddies and insult enemies to easy methods to speak accurately approximately technology and medicine—the publication is written in a full of life, obtainable, and sometimes funny sort, proposing principles and a style of broadening your wisdom as a vital part of vocabulary-building. the writer delves into etymology to arm the reader to decode unexpected phrases, presents phonetic pronunciations, provides pointers on keeping off universal spelling mistakes, and provides precious sections on which fussy, outdated grammar ideas are legitimate and that are outmoded or erroneous and will be thoroughly neglected. Loaded with precious reports, development tests, and quizzes to augment the cloth, this vintage source has helped hundreds of thousands discover ways to converse and write with higher sophistication.

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Dico, dictus to claim, inform ENGLISH WORD   _________________ four. pre- ahead of, previously ENGLISH WORD   _________________ five. mobilephone sound ENGLISH WORD   _________________ 6. contra- opposed to, contrary ENGLISH WORD   _________________ 7. advert- to, towards ENGLISH WORD   _________________ eight. facio, factus, fec-, fic-, -fy to make or do ENGLISH WORD   _________________ nine. -ory position the place ENGLISH WORD   _________________ 10. manus hand ENGLISH WORD   _________________ eleven. volo to need, to will, to be prepared ENGLISH WORD   _________________ 12. plac- to thrill, appease, soothe, pacify ENGLISH WORD   _________________ thirteen. -ive adjective suffix ENGLISH WORD   _________________ 14. -ory adjective suffix ENGLISH WORD   _________________ 15. im- (in-) now not; destructive prefix ENGLISH WORD   _________________ sixteen. com- (con-) with, jointly ENGLISH WORD   _________________ 17. dono to offer ENGLISH WORD   _________________ utilizing THE phrases are you able to pronounce the phrases? (I) 1. benign bƏ-NĪN′ 2. benignity bƏ-NIG′-nƏ-tee three. benignant bƏ-NIG′-nƏnt four. benignancy bƏ-NIG′-nƏn-see five. benediction ben′-Ə-DIK′-shƏn 6. benedictory ben′-Ə-DIK′-tƏ-ree 7. beneficent bƏ-NEF′-Ə-sƏnt eight. beneficence bƏ-NEF′-Ə-sƏns nine. benefactor BEN′-Ə-fak′-tƏr 10. benefaction ben′-Ə-FAK′-shƏn eleven. beneficiary ben′-Ə-FISH′-Ər-ee or ben′-Ə-FISH′-ee-air-ee 12. benevolent bƏ-NEV′-Ə-lƏnt thirteen. benevolence bƏ-NEV′-Ə-lƏns 14. bona fide BŌ′-nƏ FĪD′ or BŌ′-nƏ FĪ′-dee 15. constancy fƏ-DEL′-Ə-tee sixteen. infidelity in′-fƏ-DEL′-Ə-tee 17. infidel IN′-fƏ-dƏl are you able to pronounce the phrases? (II) 1. dictatorial dik′-tƏ-TAWR′-ee-Əl 2. volition vō-LISH′-Ən three. placation play-KAY′-shƏn four. placative PLAK′-Ə-tiv or PLAY′-kƏ-tiv five. placatory PLAK′-Ə-tawr-ee or PLAY′-kƏ-tawr-ee 6. placable PLAK′-Ə-bƏl or PLAY′-kƏ-bƏl 7. implacable im-PLAK′-Ə-bƏl or im-PLAY′-kƏ-bƏl eight. placability plak′-Ə-BIL′-Ə-tee or play′-kƏ-BIL′-Ə-tee nine. implacability im-plak′-Ə-BIL′-Ə-tee or im-play′-kƏ-BIL′-Ə-tee 10. placid PLAS′-id eleven. placidity plƏ-SID′-Ə-tee 12. complacent kƏm-PLAY′-sƏnt thirteen. complacence kƏm-PLAY′-sƏns 14. complacency kƏm-PLAY′-sƏn-see 15. condonation kon′-dō-NAY′-shƏn are you able to paintings with the phrases? (I) 1. benign a. wishing good stuff (for one other) ; good disposed 2. benedictory b. domineering; giving orders in a fashion allowing no refusal three. benevolent c. to not be soothed or pacified; unyielding to pity or entreaty four. bona fide d. tending, or meant, to pacify, to appease, or to alter hostility to friendliness five. dictatorial e. kindly, good-natured; no longer cancerous 6. placatory f. calm, unruffled, undisturbed 7. implacable g. self-satisfied; boastful eight. placid h. of the character of, or in relation to, advantages nine. complacent i. in reliable religion; honest; legitimate KEY:  1–e, 2–h, 3–a, 4–i, 5–b, 6–d, 7–c, 8–f, 9–g are you able to paintings with the phrases? (II) 1. benevolence a. recipient of cash, kindness, and so on. 2. benefaction b. unfastened will three. beneficiary c. act of overlooking, or of forgiving, an offense or transgression four. infidelity d. faithfulness five. volition e. self-satisfaction; smugness 6. placation f. calmness 7. constancy g. act of pacifying, or of turning hostility or anger into pleasant emotions eight.

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